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PMS 985 Data Sheet

PMS 985 is a UHMW-PE polymer (9,2 mio. g/mol). By adding of special additives it possesses a low coefficient of friction. The improved low coefficient of friction (non-stick surface) makes this material ideal for lining applications were sticking or caking creates a build up of material. In such application where there is a material flow problem, time and money is at a loss. Our UHMW PE liner will help you solve these problems.


excellent sliding properties
low coefficient of friction
good notched impact strength
no sticking or caking of bulk materials

Color: Blue
Application fields:

truck liners
conveyor industry (earth moving equipment)
bulk goods handling
gypsum industry / cement industry

Characteristics and Standard Values
Physical Properties Method Unit Value
Density ISO 1183-A g/cm³ 0.93
Abrasion (Sand-Slurry-Test) ISO 15527 % 80
Notched Impact Strength (Charpy) ISO 11542-2 mJ/mm² > 100
Tensile strength ISO 527 N/mm² > 17
Break elongation ISO 527 % > 50
Coefficient of friction ASTM 1894 Static µ
Dynamic µ


Shore-Hardness ISO 868 D 61
Water absorption   % < 0.1
Thermal Properties      
Coefficient of linear expansion ISO 11359 23 – 80°C ? 2.0 x 10-4 /°C
Operation temperature   °C (-40°C) -(+80°C)
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