PMS Kaplama

Bucket Lining

The truck which have been lined with PMS, increase their expedition round daily 17% on average.

What about the loaders and the excavators which are loading these trucks? How many buckets are they discharging for loading a truck? The sticking problem begins with first discharging and keeps on increasing until the machine stops.

However a bucket which has been lined with PMS , is not facing with this sticking problem and can get the load with its aggregate volume and you save time by this way .

It's been calculated that,there is a loading increase as %7 on the trucks' expedition round which have been loaded with PMS-lined buckets.

The buckets lined with unsuitable material worn early and fastly.This problem repeats and causes extra cost ,the revision is taking up time also.

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Your bucket will live long thanks to the low friction coefficient & resistance of abrasion.

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Bucket Lining Photos

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